Community rules

Community rules

Welcome to the Scroble community! 


Here you will find the list of rules for Scroble community ("Community") who is everyone using our Scroble Application ("Scroble") available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store and creates posts and sets, communicates in chats, or provides any other type of content or communication within Scroble. Please follow these rules to keep Scroble a safe place to be creative, generate and share product-related content, connect with brands, and get inspiration from the community.

Violations of these rules may result in the removal of posts, comments, or other content or termination of a member's use of Scroble:

  • Don’t post inappropriate content. Do not add disruptive, harassing, or offensive content in any form to Scroble. It considers any kind of direct visual ways in text and pictures, including also an indirect one which may lead to the misinterpretation of the created content. Always be tolerant and empathetic to any nationality, skin color, religion, or any kind of cultural difference while you create content and take care that none of your expressions will make anyone feel bad. Scroble, generally, is not the place to express any of these thoughts and our team will conduct the content keeping it fashion-related. Scroble reserves an irrevocable right to decide on what is "inappropriate" in this regard and to delete the content.
  • Don't spam. Scroble is a place to meet same-minded peers to communicate and exchange about fashion. Also, Scroble enables to connect and communicate with brands. These connections are meant to be a source of inspiration and information and create values for every party involved. Please don't create repetitive posts and don't contact people for commercial purposes, as well as with any other personal intentions which the other person was not agreeing to communicate about. Remember to ask for their consent and don't be too direct in the way you communicate. In case of misuse, Scroble reserves an irrevocable right to decide on what is a "misuse" and delete the content or block/delete the user.  
  • Be civil and polite. All communications should be respectful. Being a fashion platform, we want Scroble to be a safe place for meaningful connections based on styles and fashion products. Everyone joining and using Scroble should use Scroble only for this purpose. Follow the styles you like and express your positiveness towards users and brands. If some products or content doesn't correspond to your personal taste, do not express it, but create content about products you like instead. It will help you to connect with same-minded people and to create valuable insights about your style and preferences. We will not tolerate any kind of (personal) attacks on users or brands. Scroble reserves an irrevocable right to decide on what is "respectful" and delete the content or block/delete the user.  
  • Follow the law. Don’t use Scroble to do anything illegal. Participating in or encouraging any illegal activity is strictly prohibited and will cause termination of a member’s use of the application and further actions and reporting towards responsible authorities. Remember, all pictures and branded content belonging either to Brands or to Scroble - respect the copyright and never use the content against the copyright law. We advise always to mention the brand's name and Scroble as a source of discovery by sharing the content outside of Scroble. Scroble is following the principles of common law while interpreting term "illegal". If it’s illegal in real life, it’s illegal on Scroble. Scroble  reserves an irrevocable right to decide and to take immediate action towards anyone willing to misuse Scroble, delete the content, block/delete the user, and/or report to the responsible authorities about the incidences.  

Our team monitor content, but we may miss something. We encourage you to write us at help (at) to let us know about the content which you feel violates our rules so we can review and take the appropriate action. Please feel free to send us a screenshot or any other supporting materials.

Scroble team reserves the right to delete posts and other content that they consider unacceptable or inappropriate, whether for legal or other reasons. We also enable Brands to remove posts containing their products from the Scroble application if the post's description somehow violates these rules.

Scroble team reserves the right to disable Scroble account to any user for any reason, including, without limitation, a reasonable belief that the user has violated these Community Rules, the Terms of Service, or any other Scroble operating rules.