Getting Started

Getting Started

Set up an account and add information about your Company and Brand to Scroble to quickly get started

If you are new to Scroble and want a quick overview of what it’s all about, this tutorial is for you.

Step 1. Registration

If you are not registered yet, go to and click on the Register button at the top right corner.

If you need any help with registration, please check this article.

Step 2. Set up your Brand

Note: Steps 2–4 are only available to the Account Owner.

To start working with Scroble, you should first set up your Brand.

On the Brands page of your account, you might see a list of Brands under your management. We have already created the first Brand for you, based on the information you’ve entered on the Registration page. But if you need to add another Brand, you can do it on the Brand page. More details about adding and managing Brands can be found here.

Step 3. Start a trial or choose a free subscription

On the Brands page of your account, click Manage to see the page with Scroble plans. You can choose the Scroble Pioneer free plan or start a free 14-day trial of the Scroble Hero or Scroble Star plans if you want your team to join you or need advanced Scroble features.

You can read more about Scroble plans on this page.

Step 4. Create your Team

Note: The feature to create a Team is not available in the Scroble Pioneer plan.

 The first user to register an account is automatically given Account Owner rights. You can change the Account Owner on the Security page.

You can add other Users to manage a Brand on the Roles tab of the Brand page. Read more about adding and managing Users here.

Step 5. Fill in information about your Brand

Once you’ve chosen a plan, you can move to the Brand Settings part of the platform using the beige on the Navigation pane.

Brand Settings is available to the Account Owner and Brand Managers.

Please note that your Brand information will not be available to other Scroble users until you activate your Brand following Step 8.

Read more about adding Brand information on this page.

Step 6. Create your first Collection

To make your products available for users on the Scroble platform, go to the Products page and create a Collection. You can then add Products and Lookbooks to your Collection.

Your Collection will not be available to other Scroble users until you activate it following Step 9 of this tutorial.

Read more about creating Collections on this page.

Step 7. Add retailing

To make your Brand available to clients, you should add at least three POS.

Read more about adding Stores, Retailers and POS here.

Step 8. Activate your Brand

Your Brand and all the Collections you’ve added will not be available to other Scroble users until you activate your Brand.

 Read more about Brand activation on this page.

Step 9. Activate your Collection

Your Collection will not be available to other Scroble users until you activate it.

Read more about Collection activation on this page.

And that's it. Your customers can now see your Brand, Collections and Products in our mobile app.