Managing Collections

Managing Collections

The Products section is dedicated to your Products and Collections, where you can manage and create new Collections, edit your Collections, add Lookbooks related to your Collections, create new Products and complete the pages of your Collections’ Products.

Adding Collections

To create a Collection, click on Add New Collection on the Products page and complete the following steps:

  • Write your Collection’s name
  • Add a description for your Collection
  • Choose your Collection type
  • Choose between different lifecycle stages of your Products
  • Define relevant hashtags to help users find your Products. Hashtags are created to help improve the visibility of your Products and your Brand in Scroble’s search engine.

Click Save.

Then, add Products and Lookbooks to your Collection.

Your Collection won’t be visible to Scroble users until you activate it.

Activating Collections

 Note: Th Collection activation feature is available only for activated Brands. Read more about Brand activation here.

To activate a Collection means to make this Collection, including its Products and Lookbooks, visible to your clients on the Scroble app.

To activate a Collection, you should add at least one Product.

Click the Activate Collection button at the top right corner of the Collection page to activate the collection.

Once the Collection is activated, you won’t be able to edit or delete the Collection or any Products from this Collection.

Deactivating Collections

Click the Edit>Deactivate Collection  to deactivate the collection.

Deactivating a collection doesn’t mean it will disappear for your users. All the Products will still be available from Posts and Sets that contain the Products. However, the information about the Product will be restricted, and other users won’t be able to buy these Products.

You can activate a deactivated collection any time you need.

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