Managing Retailing

Managing Retailing

Add Your Own Stores

Make all your sales points easily accessible

The Own Stores section concerns the distribution of your products through your own stores only. To create a Store, click on the Add Store button on the Retailing > Own store page.

In the Add Store window, enter the name of the Store.

If you want to list a physical store, choose the Offline option. If you want to create an online store (e-shop), choose the Online option. Click Save.

Scroble will create an automatic map.

Add Your Retailers’ Stores

Leverage your sales opportunities

This Retailers section concerns the distribution of your products through your retailers’ network.

To add a retailer, click the Add Retailer button on the Retailing > Retailers page.

In the Add Retailer window,

  • Enter the name of the retailer
  • Specify the location for the retailer
  • Add online or offline store(s) for this retailer

Manage Your POS

Link your collections to your different sales points

The POS section concerns the distribution of your collections in your Own Stores. Here, you can link the Collections you have created with the Stores you have created.

Your Stores will appear automatically on this page. To connect your Collections and these Stores, click on the Add Collection button near the Store.

To link a Collection with the chosen Store, click on the Add Collection button.

Choose your particular Collection and click Add.

The Collection will now be tied to the Store.

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