Payment Methods

Payment Methods

What are the accepted payment methods for Scroble?

You can pay for Scroble using a credit card, debit card, or SEPA Direct Debit.

Add Payment Method

To add a payment method to Scroble, go to the Payments page and click Add Method.

Then, select one of the methods and fill in the needed fields. Click Add.

Once you’ve added the method, it will appear on the Payments page.

Delete Payment Method

To delete your payment method, go to the Payments page, select the method and click on the three dots to see the context menu.

Select the Delete option.

Note: You can delete methods that are not used for your Brands subscriptions.

If a particular payment method is used for your subscription, select the Replace option first to change the payment method for the subscription before deleting the method.

Replace Payment Method

This option is useful when you want to replace the existing payment method tied to one of your subscriptions with another payment method.

To replace the payment method, go to the Payments page, select the method and click on the three dots to see the context menu.

Select the Replace option.

In the Replace Payment Method window, select the new method that you want to link to your subscription and click Replace.

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